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Insider Threat & "A-Symmetrical" Attack Mitigation  ​​

About Us

Born From US Military Force Protection 

Contact-6 was founded on and developed from real world operational counter-terrorism experience in US Military Force Protection. Responsible for securing the US military's high valued assets, personnel and classified information, US military force protection employs a multi-layered defense strategy of ​​​​​physical security, information security, intelligence, threat assessment and security response.  This multi-layered defense system provides the operational basis to secure the nation's most critical national security assets to include nuclear weapons, forward operating base security, stealth technology, high-value critical maritime assets, high-value critical aviation assets as well as critical infrastructure and sensitive information. 

 Meet The Owner & His Vision 

As a military veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, Mr Glospie experienced first hand the critical necessity of effective security against "A-Symmetrical" threats. Mr Glospie is a two branch veteran and force protection expert having served multiple missions safeguarding US high-value national security assets in both the US Navy and the US Air Force Security Forces.

Mr. Glospie's operational counter-terrorism experience is solidified in the formality of education having received both a Bachelors Degree in criminal justice from the world renowned think tank on police & security matters, "John Jay College of Criminal Justice" and a Masters Degree in National Security Studies from "American Military University". 

Mr Glospie is the author of several white papers submitted to the military for policy adoption concerning observed vulnerabilities and recommended security improvements. It was Mr. Glospie's most important observation and policy submission "Dynamic Force Protection Methodology" that would form the basis of Contact-6. Mr Glospie's vision that became "Dynamic Force Protection Methodology" was the combined utilization of existing disciplines  to form a real time comprehensive adjustable security posture that supersedes even the military's current standards.     


Edward T. Glospie 
Military Veteran - Entrepreneuer